Hidden Yards

January 10, 2019

There are so many amazing, recent examples of companies thinking in new directions. These start-ups and young companies are changing the way we experience the world. For example, a new way to get from point A to B is to hop in a clean, chauffeured vehicle and from there zip around on an electric scooter. The reservations and meet-up points are all set without talking to anyone and without exchanging any cash. It’s streamlined, simple and is almost even fun. This was all absolutely unthinkable two years ago. It’s truly incredible.

There are outliers in other markets, too. Companies like NASA and Rubicon are totally crushing it in their market. They’re in the same market as you are, by the way. You and just about everyone else is competing in a market that is a staggering 130 million strong in the US alone. Despite its size and disposable income, it goes largely ignored. Just about everyone is offering the same stuff. So, it should be easier to offer a better experience and really attract the best of the lot.

We believe that experiences run through the core of every business-related issue. It’s their pervasiveness that creates a world of opportunities to propel your organization forward. Whether it’s interacting with the company, leveraging the services offered or getting help when you need it, better experiences lead to happier customers. Most any solution will ultimately need to provide a better experience.

The market we’re discussing won’t require updating or redoing any existing brand work, or creating a new product, or expanding into an exciting new foreign market. Likely, you won’t even need to expand your current staffing or marketing budget to really start growing revenue and increasing margins.

Just like hidden yards in football, often companies are simply overlooking areas they can improve that would substantially increase their odds of winning. In this case, their hidden market is simply their employees. And we mean everyone from the folks on frontlines at the help desk through the team running the company.

It’s more than just free lunches and slides from one floor to the next, the employee experience runs deep. It runs from how ideas are shared internally to how people are recognized for their effort and runs right through talent management. It also includes training, professional development opportunities, internal communications and the schedule flexibility.

If your vision is just focused on your external customers, then you are missing a huge, untapped market. There is a connection between employee experience and how they treat your customers. There’s also a lot of hidden cost in losing talent and not attracting the best.

And if that is motivation enough, then we should talk. We’ll help you to design, improve and integrate all of your company’s experiences.