Finding Opportunities & Solving Problems

Strategic Communication Group is a marketing and strategy company that operates where the science of marketing meets the art of communication.

We bring a wide range of experiences, aptitudes and insights that help us do much more than solve known problems. The Strategic Communication Group helps organizations that need to do more with less, grow market share, or even find the starting point.

We come to the table with a blank slate. We don’t offer magic bullets, and we don’t shoehorn complex problems into a set of limited, existing solutions. Rather, we build approaches collaboratively with you and your team to directly address your unique situation. Our team has driven revenue, improved profitability and insured sustainable enterprise. We have created the means to align an organization, empower employees and reach new customers. We have built impactful message architectures, planned and negotiated comprehensive, above-the-line and below-the-line media plans, designed sophisticated convention experiences and put on a show for 65,000 screaming fans. The only thing you need to do is reach out.

Let’s get to it. Together, we can cut through the fog.

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Creating Better Experiences

We design experiences and implement processes to holistically address all of the interactions with your brand, including those of your employees and your customers. We offer effective, efficient and capable solutions tailored to your business. Our broad areas of support include strategic omnichannel marketing campaigns, impactful experiential marketing, turnkey professional sports entertainment solutions, automated marketing implementation and start-up marketing consultants. We are humble, curious folks that can tackle any business challenge.

Connect with us to understand why some of our clients have been with the Strategic Communication Group for decades.

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